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Extraction Strategies

Extraction Strategies

All Evergreen Referrers

Evergreen notes are similar to tags in that they are more often referenced by other notes than written to themselves. These are ideas that may evolve over time. Examples may be notes in /people or /garden.

In order to extract content related to these notes, this strategy first expands to their backlinks (notes that reference the evergreen note), then extracts their content that surrounds the evergreen note reference.

Single Evergreen Referrer

This serves a similar function to the above strategy. Rather than expanding first to all backlinks, however, it takes input notes and extracts contents around the specified “evergreen”, which may be a tag or internal link.

Long Content

Notes may be very long for various enzymes. To reduce token consumption and preserve relevance, this strategy assumes that the end of a note was most recently edited, and it trims the input contents to the last few sections of the note. This is true of append-only notes, such as highlights files that are imported from Readwise.

Default (whole-contents)

For all other notes, Enzyme extracts their entire contents.